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The First personal heart visualizer
Visualize and hear your heart


See and Hear your Heart

For a Longer, Calmer and Relaxing Meditative State using Real Time Feedback

Reduces Stress for an Increased sense of Wellbeing and Peace of Mind


See how your heart changes as you go from pose to pose


Small enough to be placed in any room around the house or in your own studio

Anahata can travel wherever your journey leads you


Real Time Responsive Feedback to the live beat of your heart

Regulate body allowing you to train your unconscious bodily processes.

Crowdfunded by you!

Anahata is a final stage prototype, but we need you to help make it happen!

That's why we're offering a discounted price to every early backer who wants one.
With your help we can craft the first personal biofeedback device!
Expected Delivery Oct. 2019

Pre-Order and Reserve yours Now!

Since you clicked on our super secret link or heard about Anahata from a friend, we’re going to give you a discount for being an early-adopter!

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