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Heal Your Body Naturally With Meditation and Biofeedback

Science-Proven Health Benefits You Can Incorporate Today

We’re lucky enough to live in an age where science has proven much of the wisdom of our elders, and helped shed some light on myths we thought to be true. You now have access to a vast wisdom and knowledge database, literally at the touch of your fingertips. But despite this increase in awareness, there is also a statistical growth in health conditions from inflammation to weight gain, sleep disorders to autoimmune malfunctions, and a whole host of unprecedented ailments.

While the root cause of these adverse affects varies from person to person, they are all exacerbated by one thing: stress. Stress is your body’s natural hard-wired response to a situation where you formerly had to fight for your life, or run away from a threat as fast as possible. If you didn’t succeed, you died. Stress used to be one of your greatest assets for survival.

Cut to the present. In most scenarios in your everyday existence, you won’t need to stand your ground to kill something, or flee because your life depends on it. However, your body will still go through the stress response when you feel threatened: a series of stress-hormones trigger physiological changes, your muscles tense, you sweat, your heart starts pounding, and you breathe as fast as possible. Every one of those reactions is actually harming your body.

What used to be your greatest asset, is now your greatest enemy: your own stress levels.

The bad news? You will likely face stressful situations every day of your life.

The good news? There are some amazing breakthroughs in how you can manage, and eliminate stress from your life.

Meditation Helps You Control Your Mind

No matter what statistics say, your body is unique to you, and only you can discover what works for controlling your stress levels. That being said, good advice is only good if you listen to it, try it for yourself, and give it a legit chance.

Meditation is something that many life gurus out there are preaching like gospel.

You’ve probably heard it from friends, and family, and maybe even your co-workers. It’s free, there are no membership fees, and you don’t have to study, or take a test to figure it out.

By simply closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and allowing yourself to enter a ‘mind of no mind,’ meditation can:

  • Reduce your stress,

  • Decrease your cortisol

  • Decrease your blood pressure

  • Control your anxiety

  • Enhance your self-awareness

  • Increase your attention span

  • Improve your sleep

If you knew that meditation helped you with even one of these things, would you try it?

Many meditation practitioners have experienced all of these benefits, and claim that their condition continuously improves along with their meditation practice.

Biofeedback Helps You Control Your Mind-Body Connection

Meditation is a great start for helping you to control your mind, but it can’t really target certain areas of your body (though some claim that it can).

Biofeedback therapy uses certain breathing, thinking, and muscle relaxation exercises to help you target very specific parts of your body that you want to heal.

The general idea is to lower your sympathetic arousal by regulating your physiological responses to stimulus, allowing you to train your unconscious bodily processes.

In other words, it helps you chill out.

Biofeedback has been proven to have statistically significant results in many human conditions, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Autism

  • Eating disorders/addiction

  • Schizophrenia

  • Muscle Pain

You may look at this list, and see that all of these disorders are commonly triggered, or exacerbated by stress.

So is biofeedback really just reducing stress? Possibly. But if all you needed to do heal your body was to decrease your level of stress, would you do it?

How You Can Measure Your Progress?

One of the downsides to both meditation, and biofeedback is the lack of a measurement system. You might feel better, but it’s hard to say how much better you’re feeling. This is where science steps in to meet ancient wisdom.

Your heart rate is a good measurement system for how you’re feeling. If you’re nervous, anxious, scared, or have stress compounds shooting through your system, your heart rate goes up. The more drastic your response, the faster your heart rate.

When you are calm, relaxed, and at peace, your heart rate goes down. The more zen you’re feeling, the lower your heart rate.

Our solution for how to measure your progress is a device prototype that we named “Anahata,” after the Sanskrit title for the heart chakra. The simple idea is that you can now visualize, and hear your heart through a glowing orb, synced to your heart.

This is similar to what some experienced meditation practitioners envision as the ‘glow,’ when they have a moment of enlightenment.

Anahata is a practical way for you to help measure your progress in meditation, and biofeedback, by monitoring your heart. It’s perfect for practitioners of any level, requires no training, and is small enough to travel wherever your journey leads you. Anahata is a pleasant, non-intrusive device that won’t increase your stress response like some hospital machines do. This means: no strapping it on while it cuts off your circulation, no cold metal pressed against your skin, no shaving your hair to attack stickers and wires to your body, and no doctor looming over you making notes.

To clarify, you don’t need any type of machine to reap the benefits of meditation, or biofeedback. But for those of you who have a hard time quieting the rational part of your brain that demands answers and specifics, it can be really nice to externally experience the positive changes you’re going through. In this way, you can focus on your practice, and continue on your healing journey.

Anahata is the first biofeedback device of its kind. It’s fully wireless, and has a full spectrum of colors that correlate with your body’s natural heart rhythm. Want to learn more? Click here.


We are a group of people who strive to know more about the human body, and who really want the best for you!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and that it helps you enjoy your life.

We also have to let you know that you are the best caretaker for your body. None of the information in this article is legally allowed to be called medical advice, and we are supposed to tell you to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise plans, or stopping any medications.

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